‘Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life’

World Sleep Day is annual event organised  on Friday of the second full week of march. Since 2008 World  association of sleep medicine (WASM) is organising this event to create awareness about benefits of good and healthy sleep and to focus on sleep related disorders, their prevention and management. This year we are celebrating it on 17th march 2017, slogan for this year is ‘Sleep Soundly, Nurture life’. Sleep related problems are emerging as global epidemic, today half of world is suffering from some or another sleep related issues which is directly or indirectly affecting quality and productivity of life.

Babies mostly wakes up with sparking smile on their cute faces every morning , this is not beacause they love waking up but it is the result of refreshing and rejuvinating sleep they had on previous night. Not being able to sleep affects health, work and liesure badly. 

10 simple tips which will make you smile like a baby every morning:

1. Lights off please : show should not go on –

Dark  rooms increase the secretion of melatonin which makes you sleepy while increased light exposure, even by a little, decreases this hormone. Instead of installing nightlights in your room, install one in the hall or keep a flashlight handy for your midnight forays into the kitchen or bathroom. Use heavy curtains to block light from outside. 

2. Setting Rhythm : must for sleep and life both-

Having a sleeping pattern is a great way to ensure that you get enough sleep. Set a time for sleep and lie down regardless of whether you are sleepy or not. This applies to waking up as well. An adult needs at least seven hours of sleep daily, so an example of the ideal time frame could be 10pm to 6am or 6.30am. For the first few days try to lie down a little earlier to get your body used to the timing.

3.  Short Napping Allowed but sleeping in for Long isn’t allowed-

Your sleep timings are applicable to weekends as well. Research shows that sleeping in or sleeping late, even for two days, can throw off your pattern and make you feel tired as the week starts. If you feel sleepy, take an afternoon nap that won’t throw off your rhythm. Wake up from the nap five to six hours before your bedtime.

4. Pumping muscles : for better sleep-

Regular exercise can help you relieve stress and relax your muscles, which is conducive to fitful sleep. However, workout should stop at least three to four hours before you sleep, giving your body enough time to come down from its metabolic high. This is also why exercise is best done in the morning.

5. Beware of mobile,phone, laptops and TV’s before bedtime-

Phone screens, late-night TV watching or laptops can make you stay awake longer no matter how tired you physically may be. Keep aside your phone and other devices at least 30 minutes prior to your bedtime. Leave your phone face-down or notification lights can disturb your sleep.

6. Sleep-assist phone apps, relaxing music  &  soothing atmosphere-

Not everything on your phone is bad for good sleep. There are many apps that you can download to help you sleep better with calming music or sounds. Some even create white noise scientifically designed to lull you to sleep.

7. Strict No to carbs or caffeine before bedtime-
Science shows that a large carb intake right before sleep can interfere with your rest. While carbs generally make you feel immediately tired and sleepy, you are prone to restless sleep and intermittent waking. Coffee and other caffeine sources such as energy drinks can also affect your sleep schedule.

8. A glassfull of warm milk, buttermilk and other milk products-

Milk before bedtime brings to mind deep baby-like sleeping to mind. Whether it’s all in our heads or scientifically based on the warmth of the milk and the spike of insulin from honey or sugar – a glass of warm sweet milk can do wonders. Ensure that the milk is only warm and not hot, and use as little processed sugar as possible – substituting it for a dollop of honey.

9. Hot water shower: Relaxes tonned muscles

A hot body-bath ten to twenty minutes before bed time can relax your mind and body to help you sleep well. There is also something about going to bed clean that brings about deep sleep. No, it’s not just for kids, we too need it.

10. Let the sun see you smiling every morning-

light, especially natural sunlight reduces the hormone melatonin which wakes you up. Have your morning cup of coffee or tea out on the balcony or near a window as you look out. Spend at least 15 minutes getting as much sunlight as possible. Let the sun wake you up after an undisturbed seven to nine hours of sleep to feel rested and awake for the rest of the day.